Journey so far

I have matched. That was the easy bit!

To do this, several things needed to be done. Firstly, my partner and I needed a criminal background checks, and I needed to be tested for STDs – this must be done in a way where me name and date of brth appear on the paperwork. I ended up having testing done twice becuase the first time round I went to a confidential service. “where’s my name?” “It won’t have your name, this is entirley confidential.” “But I need to show them to someone else, how will they know this was mine and I didn’t steal my sister’s or something?” “They won’t.” “Brilliant.”

After that, I had to fill in some paperwork to join COTS, as it was best for this individual arrangement. And then I had some paperwork from the IVF clinic to fill in and send off, followed by a consultation over the phone to arrange for me to go to the clinic and sign paperwork, have some counselling and some more tests done. Also, I will have to decide on having a natural cycle (no drugs other than some to encourage my lining of my womb to be thicker, or lots of drugs which control when I ovulate.)

This so far has taken 3 months.

In the mean time, I’m on pregnacare multivitmans in preperation, and making sure I’m not getting pregnant myself, and looking forward to a flight up to Glasgow to get the next bit underway.

Looks like another 3 months before I can start peeing on any clear blue merchandise.

Keep you posted!


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