Just. As. Important.

“As long as the baby is ok…” “… and, more importantly, the baby…” “The baby is the most important…” “doesn’t matter, baby is fine so you should count yourself lucky…” “ah well, baby’s here now and thats all that matters….

I’ll improve on this blog post eventually. But for now, this.

BABIES ARE NOT MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OTHER HUMAN IN THE ROOM! They are JUST as important. Other People and their wellbeing matter too. The Mother’s health, wellbeing and happiness is just as important as the baby’s. OTHER PEOPLE MATTER. Is this the only reason to birth girls – to create more vessels that don’t matter to create even more that won’t matter? Babies that are all important on day one – to the detriment of every other person’s wellbeing; sometimes inccuring in those people permenant disability and death – suddenly become worthless things themselves, facing their own “at-least-the-baby-is-ok” mutilations?

This is not right.



No where is it more pronounced that women are on the bottom rung of society than at this moment – a moment all the more torturous to be disregarded because it can be and is for many the most empowering and magical moment of their lives.

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