Breastfeeding and politics – a rare post based entirely on opinion

Breasts are political.

I grew my two without ever having input from number 10, but now they are here, they are of great importance to the political world at large.

Whether they are ostentatiously sustaining other people near Mr Farage, or being used as soft porn additions to family papers, they are in no doubt a dividing source of political fodder.

But why? What is so important about these strategically placed blobs of fat interlaced with ducts and blood vessels?

SEX. My blobs are SEXY. I have no say in this, this is what I’m told. Your blobs are sexy too. And, like all sex things, they should be nowhere near children or open spaces without male stipulated permission, and they should be for the sole use of men.

The thing is, I don’t think my blobs are sexy. I mean, I am sexy – I’m genetically interesting due to a diverse gene pool, I’m relatively young compared to most of the population, I’m even featured, indicating fertile ovaries, and I show no outward appearance of illness, indicating good breeding stock. Isn’t that the most perfect dating profile you have ever read?

But my blobs aren’t part of that. And, historically, they weren’t for centuries. The dressing up of them was initially designed to mirror the hidden hips and buttocks – which, unlike boobs, are indicators of healthy breeding material (you should see my hip fat working it, baby).Breasts only look like they are good for sustaining young once full of milk; as any peer supporter will tell you, size of boobs or nipples is no indicator of how well they will feed baby. It’s the insides that matter – and for the vast majority, the outside has no baring on that at all. (There is a tiny group of people who you can visably see didn’t grow adequete tissue inside from the outside, but it doesn’t make the breast unattractive. Inny or flat nipples can cause latch issues, but not milk production faults-and they can be managed for successful breastfeeding journeys.)

This isn’t just a breastfeeding thing either. All breasts turn into mum breasts after pregnancy. Breasts are a natural and beautiful maternal thing, much like a buddha belly (where ’em with pride, ladies) and should be seen as a secondary sexual feature that comes from mothering. Like… the harsh tone mums develop when yelling at small people running away from them toward danger, the stare they inherit from their respective lineages when children are doing something their mum literally just told them not to, the way they can drink cold tea an hour after they made it without complaint… That is where ‘boobs’ should be listed.

They are part of mummyhood, and much like the belly, the stares and the yells, they should be there whenever children need them to be.

If your lover person/s feels they wants to include any of the above in sex, and indeed if the mother wants to, that’s between them. None of those features are to be immediately assumed to be sexual objects on their appearance, and are not the business of anyone else.

How is any of this political?

It comes down to the issue with the SUN, and with Mr Farage. What are women for, and what is their place? Because, to them, it’s not as equals. The world is not equal for women, and all the time it isn’t, women’s different body parts will be used to beat them back into the place people in power feel they ought to be.

The ‘Green Surge’ has included a great many Facebook friends of mine; be they of breastfeeding, volunteering or homeschooling communities – all people with originally vastly differing political stances. Why? Because The Green party’s agendas and policies for women are vastly more attractive than the policies of other parties. Could breasts be a deciding factor in the upcoming elections?

Until the world is as easy to manoeuver for old, trans, black, gay, poor, disabled, muslim women as it is for young, cis, white, straight, rich, able, protestant men, the world will be unfair, unjust, and the people at the top will do everything they can to stay there – their livelihoods depend on it.

And that means boobs in papers, and mothers being told when and how they can breastfeed babies.

And, therefore, breasts will continue to be political territory.

How will you use yours?


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